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Boss2 value could possibly be a multiplier.: 6/10/2024 18:50:54

Level 30
TLDR at the bottom

Hey Warlighters, Warzoners and conquerers (!!!)

I've been playing 'Someone stole my oil' where the
Boss2 value (B2v)
has 3 stages. (1st: 20), (2nd: 60) and (3rd: 300) and looked up different threads of how to beat the Boss2 type. With lot of time invested, unfortunately I didn't find a specified agreed upon answer.
Some players mentioned that the Boss is equivalent to a
Commander's value (Cv)
which is 7. But when up against 3rd stage boss with 600 armies, the 600 always loses. Which means that the Boss2 type is not an addition type increaser, like a regular commander usually is. Also because when I presented the problem in the ChatRoom, it was mentioned that you need 45 (38 + your own commander) to beat the 1st stage (20). And ofc, you would think that
would equal to 27, which would (According to the advice from ChatRoom) make Boss2 to be classified beatable if you attack it with 38+Cv.
But 3rd stage doens't add up to the equation when you go against it with
(600 armies can beat 360 armies) which would be reasonable to win the game.

Then in thread https://www.warzone.com/Forum/241885-advise-against-boss is adviced to use 675 armies to defeat 3rs stage. In that thread the equation is presented following:

N = total armies from boss
N/60*100= needed armies to kill boss
and the following example

so for example the boss itself is 400 armies and his income is 5 and he has no other armies on his boss then you need to kill 405 armies (400+5 (from income))
so N is 405
that means you need 675 armies attacking to kill the boss in 1 time

But N minus income seems to look like another Bv that was used, likely Boss1 or Boss4 type.

Then I compared the advice from ChatRoom's expected value of Stage 1 of the Boss2 type, and the example from the thread I just presented you, tried to find if they had another equal B2v value by using multiplication.

I got curious if it multiplied, so I made several attempts to find the value.


I am not entirely sure, as I only made the theory based on the direct advice from ChatRoom and the thread. But it might be a step closer to the answer :)

I would be glad if several players could either confirm or deny the thesis based on my guesswork and calculation.

Good luck ;D

Not sure, might be wrong:
20 x 1.35 = 27 (To beat: 45 armies, or 38 + Commander)
60 x 1.35 = 81 (To beat: 135 armies, or 127 + Commander)
300x1.35 = 405 (To beat 675 armies, or 668 + Commander)
Boss2 value could possibly be a multiplier.: 6/10/2024 20:47:06

Level 62
Kill rate is 60%, so 10 troops will kill 6. To kill N troops, you need N/0.6 troops + some rounding.

Edited 6/10/2024 21:45:48
Boss2 value could possibly be a multiplier.: 6/10/2024 22:16:45

Level 63
Might be worth sticking this here https://www.warzone.com/wiki/Boss.
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