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Map Ideas: 2/19/2015 17:21:23

Level 20
I made my own map once and I don't know if I'd want to do it again, but has anybody ever tried US Civil War type maps?

Either a map dedicated to just the battle of Gettysburg? Bonuses of Little Roundtop, the wheatfield, etc

Or a campaign style US civil war map. I prefer maps that are strategic in nature, rather than getting bonuses for swaths of territory, but key points on the map.

For a US civil war map, you could have key rail lines, ports, river crossings, etc as the bonuses.

I know, make it myself.
Map Ideas: 2/19/2015 17:51:45

Level 58
I know a map that uses cards on a battlefield and "Headquarters". There is water splitting the map in two. You have mountains and trees bonuses. Mosquitoes are negative bonuses.

The second map is a zombie survival map. One player has a "cure progression bar" giving him more options for bonuses as time progresses with eventually unlocking the vaccine (large production bonus).

You can take inspirations from both of those maps.

What I would like to suggest is build an interactive battlefield. You could use a binary tree of events outside the map with a reinforcements bar.

Use overlap bonuses. The player could take key points with small value enabling him to hold larger bonuses. You have to make binary choices changing your objectives and locking some bonuses. The binary choice is forced with a negative bonus if you take both (-10 ?).

You can add a second battlefield for morale/logistics. Taking a bonus in this other map without holding the location will reduce your production by a small amount. Holding a bonus for a hill/fort/farm on the upper map with the actual hill/fort/farm will double the value of the territory.

Each move in the tactical map costs production points (-1).
Map Ideas: 2/19/2015 18:02:14

Level 58
A series of maps are currently being created for the US region at different time periods during the USA growth, however they do not focus on the US civil war centrally.
Map Ideas: 2/21/2015 16:15:54

Level 35
i don't know if someone already created a map like this but you take the World nations 2014 map or any map, and put a small territory inside each original territory and make the bonus worth zero but it connects to all the neighboring territories of the territory surrounding it so that in diplomacy games people can move troops without taking a bonus or just adds another element to a normal game
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