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Fantasy Map Epics: 6/1/2024 17:59:58

Level 52
So I had this idea for a while now. There are afew amazing fictional maps on here that are just random fantasy style maps, but some of these are just really really great and seem to tell their own story. However, maps such as these are just maps, there's nothing, no world, no lore behind them... But it seems like there should be. Maps such as the Realms of Valara, the Twelve Cities, the Land of Kalador, Issandar's huge fantasy map, etc... My idea is essentially that it would be really cool to start a community project where we actually write the stories of these worlds, with the approval of the creators of these said maps and others, probably just to share among ourselves, but maybe more can be done with them. I may write some short stories soon if I get permission from the creators of some of the maps that interest me, so if nobody else joins you may start seeing some of those here in the off-topic forum.
Fantasy Map Epics: 6/1/2024 22:47:54

Level 62
This is a nice idea Scout.
If you want to write a story about any of my maps you have my permission.
Fantasy Map Epics: 6/2/2024 01:28:48

Level 54
You have full permission to do anything you want with my map, and it’s nice of you to ask. The only head lore I had is in the territory and bonus names, but feel free to change anything if you want
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