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new "suggestion": 10/13/2010 11:22:55

Level 19
Would like to suggest 3 things:

1. a suggestion forum, where you can easily post your suggestion for the game.

2. this suggestion for the "start new game". you set up a special ruleset (like you do when you use "custom template"), and you would like to save them for further, similar games. but you cant :-/
so please do a "save my custom game-template" button or option in the menue.

3. when you started finally the game (where players must click join to play the map/decline), and you find out that you forgotten 1 important option, it would be nice to just have a "previous" button. so you wouldnt have to do the gamesetup all over - instead you can just change the option.

regards Testosterone
new "suggestion": 10/13/2010 13:32:23

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Hey Testosterone,

Click the "Feedback" tab and you'll find we have a special forum for suggestions already. You can even vote on which features you'd like - this is much more systematic than the forums here.
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