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My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 02:23:41

Level 58
Host Message :

Negative bonuses !
Base Production 0 !
Extra army per territory !
4 Territories per Player with 4 initial armies !
Neutral with 3s !
Negative Sanctions !
Normal Abandons !
0.5x Blockades !
80 % defense rate !
Random move order !
0 army reinforcement cards !

Random 16 % luck weighted.

Short description :
Avoid bonuses and attack neutral territories mindlessly.

The 3s are hard to take. Balance your production between taking single territories and attacking the enemy.

You can put your opponent into permanent fear if you take his only 3 left in a bonus. Either leave more neutrals in your bonuses or use a blockade card !

Sanction cards are rare and better used when you are near your production peak.

Gift the islands with -10 production to the enemy to slow them for one turn. You can give the islands to the lowest production player and take it back before he gifts them to you !

No Spy, Order, Airlift or Diplo Cards !

Personnal message :

Read the settings of the Warzone tournament to find out how often you will get the available cards. I made this tournament with the intent of doing all the opposite Warlight is. Bonuses are dangerous, 1s are the most. I tried to make the tournament balanced by giving out cards rarely. I saw many tournaments/games where cards are divided in pieces of 6,8 or more. 3 pieces cards are less valuable than larger ones (more divided).

The settings are likely balanced and offer you the chance to play Warlight differently and uses different strategies. How will you expand ? Will you pull out all your armies on your opponent or take some 3s ? Are you the one who will save gift cards for your team mates to build a strong front line or ruin the opposite team's production with negative bonuses ?

Different strategies can be built with sanction cards.

Antartica is a production nuke you can use if you have saved all your cards.


I can make other types of touraments on smaller maps that will force you to play differently. Feel free to use my template.

It is 32 players. Join quick !

Note : I believe my browser had an error. All the negative bonuses reverted to normal for some reason.

Edited 2/18/2015 02:38:58
My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 03:19:26

John Smith
Level 58
There is no link, I can't join. There isn't even a tournament name.
My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 03:23:40

Level 58
It is broken because of the negative bonuses that keep reverting. I believe that it is because of the overlapped negative bonuses. No player has done before so it could be some Warlight logic failed with negatives because it wasn't meant to deal with them.

I can link to my template.

It keeps saying : Not enough players. Add less than 0 players. It gives me other messages when I try to create the tournament with my template sometimes. It is always failing with the (-) bonuses.

I can make all the bonuses 0 or at least the large super bonuses.

Edited 2/18/2015 03:26:07
My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 03:25:41

John Smith
Level 58
My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 03:31:58

Level 58
The tournament is on the biggest map. I will pick a smaller one.

Maybe tomorrow, the settings will get done. I have the cards already so I need to tweak bonuses only and choose map.

Edited 2/18/2015 03:33:47
My first Warzone tournament !: 2/18/2015 03:39:10

Level 58
Oh ! Oh !

I have found why it does not work !

Warlight wants you positive bonuses equal to the total number of picks but it does not care if they are too large or overlapped in negative bonuses.


Tournament link :

It is called World Conflict. The name came from my templates probably.

There is only 13 *SUPER-Large Bonuses*. Each player therefore receive 3 picks instead of 4. I was too lazy to add more +1-bonuses.

Bonuses in this map follow the (number of territories - 1). Theoretically, your production will not change and not be harder/easier. The starting production (3) is rough but you have no bonuses to take. :)

It is in the same map as Brian24's tournament. The limit is 32 and it is multiday (3 days).

Antartica, the bomb was still left. No one will be able to gift Antartica to the enemy for a -1000 bonus though.

There are many funny things as blockades that reduce your armies (mainly to remove the negative bonuses) or reinforcements you receive every turn that is worth 0 army.

Big Tip :

You can expand tightly. The only requisite for a bonus to count is when a player has all its territories. You can share bonuses with team mates to maximize space and eat all the neutrals. Never take a bonus fully by yourself. Spreading is still important. You may not have enough space for yourself.

Edited 2/18/2015 04:04:33
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