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Where is it better to place your picks ?: 2/18/2015 01:04:49

Level 58
Title : Where is it better to place your picks ?

In the middle of a superbonus or near the border ?

I have seen many players taking production too seriously. They usually place all their picks in the middle of a superbonus. It makes it easier to counter by attacking a territory from the corner and planting an abandon.

I had some luck when placing picks near the border of two superbonuses. I can often take two superbonuses at the same time for a large boost in mid-game or expand in the opposite direction of where my opponent. I can delay my opponent's capture with abandons or moving a large stack of armies randomly.

Some players told me otherwise and think it is "the worst strategy ever".

Any idea on good placement of picks inside one or two superbonuses ?

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Where is it better to place your picks ?: 2/26/2015 00:25:14

Level 58
well to answer this question we would need specific info on what map, and what cards are available. As every map will have various super bonuses, it depends. On really large superbonuses you wouldnt want t start on an edge, while on rather small superbonuses you wouldn't want to start everything in the center. Also, you talk as if every map has abandon cards. The majority I see have few or any, and If they do, there are much better ways to use them. Again, this all depends on specific games.
Where is it better to place your picks ?: 2/26/2015 00:48:11

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
there is no single answer to that question
play according to the template
you can ask for how to pick in a particular template and we could explain you in details
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