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Map Testing: Spain Comarcas: 5/1/2024 04:26:19

Level 39
Hi guys! I haven't made a map on Warzone in a hot second, but I've been studying in Spain for the semester and was inspired to make a slightly bigger realistic map of Spain since the other ones I've found of only modern Spain have been pretty small. The borders are based on the Spanish comarcas system which are more informal and historical divisions. So, as for the territories themselves, I can't really change them because they are meant to reflect Spain borders.

What I would like advice on is: does it aesthetically look good? I know there are no designs or anything but it is intended to be simple and easy to play. Also, are all connections working? And also do you have any interesting distribution ideas? This is something I tend to struggle with, haha. Let me know what you think, thank you!


Also, if you look back at my profile I hope you can see the improvement in this map over my previous ones.
Map Testing: Spain Comarcas: 5/1/2024 16:48:06

Level 63
Might want to make the superbonuses bigger. Atm all the bonuses have the same size.

I can’t see anything else wrong with the map, it looks good.
Map Testing: Spain Comarcas: 5/1/2024 16:54:57

Level 56
The map does indeed look great! The only thing that I think is weird (it may be just me) is the Canarias location, I would have put them in the bottom left inside of a rectangle, as they are shown in most maps. But again, this is just a detail, great work.

Edited 5/1/2024 16:55:33
Map Testing: Spain Comarcas: 5/1/2024 17:31:34

Level 63
amazing map, thanks!
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