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New Bonus Type : Player Presence: 2/15/2015 21:22:06

Level 58
This Bonus Type will check if a player has at least one territory or a bonus in a *super-region*.

It can be used to emulate *sphere of influence* and add more values to continents or countries.

Role-Playing games would benefit from this :

Settling on a new continent will add a negative bonus until you take all of it. War has costs.

If you have a territory that was historically part of a commerce road, you will receive a small fixed bonus for participating in trades. More territories won't give you more production.
New Bonus Type : Player Presence: 2/15/2015 23:43:30

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
that requires all maps to be edited and updated, its a good idea for new map makers however.
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