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create game problem: 2/15/2015 20:19:01

Furkan ┼×en
Level 55
I made map and I want to add more rules otherwise game isn't fair and I made scenario-historical map so I want it starts as in like history so I need to write more rules
create game problem: 2/15/2015 21:16:24

Level 53
What do you mean? You can't change the way players click things, but you can write rules into the description.
create game problem: 2/16/2015 01:01:24

Level 59
He meant that the description is too long to be included in the game description.
create game problem: 2/16/2015 01:12:00

John Smith
Level 58
If that is the case, you can write the rest of the rules in chat.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4