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dynamic income values: 2/13/2015 22:16:28

Level 60
A few seasons ago in the seasonal ladder a featured called randomized bonus values was introduced
and I think it was/is a great feature and I would very much like to see it as an option when creating a game
furthermore I think the whole aspect of values of bonuses can be developed to regenerate known and loved templates and make it less repetitive.

here are a few examples:
#1 GROW BONUSES in this mode you take a bonus and every turn you keep the bonus it value raises adding another side of tactics to a game
#2 RANDOMLY CHANGING BONUSES in this mode the value of a bonus will change every turn making the game more risky can also include negative bonuses
#3 CARD GENERATING BONUSES in this mode a bonus will give a card every few turns thus making it more desirable even if his value is low

this is what i have so far but i believe this whole area is very undeveloped

I apologize if this is hard to follow
I am a little buzzed and was unsure if I will remember this tomorrow so thought better to write it before i forget it
dynamic income values: 2/13/2015 22:18:56

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
first idea is brilliant second one is also very interesting. Third is kind of bizarre but still good
dynamic income values: 2/13/2015 22:52:53

Level 61
Haha great ideas, love the last part.
dynamic income values: 2/14/2015 00:45:02

Master of the Dead 
Level 63
Stay buzzed mate! Great ideas all of them
dynamic income values: 2/14/2015 00:54:58

Windows 10
Level 58
Also, how about a Scapeshift card that lets you change the value of a bonus by up to a predetermined amount (e.g. you can increase or decrease the value of a bonus by up to 5 armies/turn, for instance)?

Edited 2/14/2015 00:55:12
dynamic income values: 2/14/2015 01:16:59

Level 60
I agree, great ideas.
dynamic income values: 2/14/2015 01:56:09

Level 58
I like the first and third, especially. Second is insane, but I'd try it. On the third idea about the card generating bonuses: Another setting to expand on that is to randomize card pieces given among cards already in that game, and also allow game creator to pick a specific territory/bonus and have it give only one specific card piece. You could even assign one territory or bonus on the map to give pieces of a card that would otherwise be impossible to get. That would be a fun game to play.

I like your idea, too Blightsteel.

Edited 2/14/2015 01:57:36
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