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Multiplayer Dashboard idea: 2/13/2015 21:55:12

Level 60
There has been lots of talk about the clutter on forums. using "Show All" from the dashboard or "All Forums" from forum list will take you to 25 threads which could be %90 from a single forum (right now from clan and OT). Why should a non-clan player be subjected to all those clan threads, for example? Visiting individual forums is a pain if you like more than one (general, maps, help).

Why not alter the current forum panel on the multiplayer dashboard to alleviate the forum clutter? I propose instead of 8 from all forums and clan forum (we don't even use ours)...why not do top 3 from each forum (general, OT, help, ladder, map, clans, clan). That would be 21 threads total, which is not bad (or 18 if you did not have a clan at all).
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