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Map of the Week RealTime (Auto Game) from 3>5 PLZ!: 2/8/2015 17:31:51

Dutch Desire
Level 59
Fizzer, please change the boot time from 3 to 5 minutes.

3 minutes it really too short for a big map like this.
Some turns i had over 100 orders i wanted to give but 80 orders are already not possible in 3 minutes if i play as fast i can.

Last turn it took over 2 minutes to load the next turn so i had no time to give more than 2 orders.


Maybe make a setting that gives 1 second extra time for every territory? That would be a great solution for this problem. I would have had 3 minutes more time with 180 territories.

Edited 2/8/2015 17:45:47
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