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New mod: Host spies on and can eliminate players: 1/10/2024 21:09:05

Level 63
This mod gives host the ability to view the whole game and eliminate players at their own will, to discourage collusion (making alliances etc.).
The host themselves can't play the game and must not be on anyone's team (because otherwise they have unfair advantage of seeing everything). The host should remain unbiased when deciding if collusions are being made.
If you do not trust the game creator with the abilities this mod grants them, you should not join the game.

Test games:

If you want to create a FFA (not diplomacy) game with this but don't have a membership, lmk and I'll create it for you. In the event of multiple requests, I'll create one per week first come first serve.
New mod: Host spies on and can eliminate players: 1/11/2024 15:25:11

Level 57
Love this idea
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