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Hosting a real time diplomacy game JOIN NOW!: 1/9/2024 22:25:39

Level 43
For a long time I've been wanting to try to host a real time diplomacy game! The problem is not only finding players that are dedicated, but to have all the players be online on the same time so here I am trying out if I can get players together.

It is not guaranteed that it will happen, but if there are enough of people that are available on the same day and time I will try to host a game! If not then I will simply try again with a diffrent date.

My games use the diplomacy mod to make it all simple so that you do not need to memorize the rules and it also prevents people from breaking the rules. Other mods I most commonly use enables players to buy cards with gold, send gold to other players and in some you are able to build cities that represent you building up your nations economy or founding a new major city etc.

Here is a few scenarios I might use depending on how many players we get on board:
- 2000 year start modern world diplomacy
- 1939 year start WW2 world diplomacy
- 1900 year start small world diplomacy
- Some medieval- and roman time templates are in the works, but may or may not be ready by then

If you are interested in joining send me a message in PRIVATE CHAT AND NOT HERE and when contacting me answer these 3 question:

1. Which day is better -19.01.24 or 20.01.24 (or both)
2. The time zone you live in
3. What time will work for you
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