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Medium RoR 3v3 Tourney - Big Coins!: 12/3/2023 19:14:39

Pink Hawk
Level 59

Inspired by RoR, designed by SloppyFatGinger, and made for me

The settings for this are 3x5x5 (3 starting territories, 5 armies per starting territory and 5 base armies)

Random warlords dist and some small wastelands to add a bit of strategy.

No cards.

It's a bit of a messy one, but I think it could be interesting to offer a RoR tourney that isn't actually RoR. This map offers similar but different strategies than regular RoR. You want to get cities, but you only have 3 spots so you'll also want to pick safe bonuses and combos.

I would have increased the coins a bit if it helps increase interest but I'm hoping this can still fill in a timely fashion!

Ignore the 6 mins banked time. It's really just a 3 day tourney. Booted players turn into AIs.

Edited 12/3/2023 19:21:58
Medium RoR 3v3 Tourney - Big Coins!: 12/3/2023 23:41:03

Level 56
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