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Cards ideas: 1/28/2015 19:33:06

Level 59
Post here ANY ideas of cards you'd like to see, even the crazy ones.
NUKE CARD : Destroy x armies on an opponent or neutral territory.
REVOLUTION CARD : Target player turns into an AI for x turns (imagine diplos with it)
CORRUPTION CARD : X orders of an opponent are canceled (picking randomly)
POLLUTION CARD : Decrease the income of an territory by x.

Let me know what do you think of my ideas and post your own!
Cards ideas: 1/28/2015 21:03:38

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Cards ideas: 1/28/2015 21:15:31

An abandoned account
Level 56
Nuke card, no!

Revolution card, maybe. But game that use it might get a bit boring if it appears too often. And defiantly not in diplo games.

Corruption card, no.

The pollution card, sound like a good idea, but it would have to be for a number of turns decided in the settings.
Cards ideas: 1/28/2015 22:06:04

Ξ Nanaimo
Level 56
I like the pollution card.
The rest would not work however
Cards ideas: 1/28/2015 22:11:22

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 51
i like the ideas
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 03:19:18

{rp} GeneralGror
Level 58
Pollution = Specific Sanction
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 06:00:38

Level 57
hmm I think they should make it a option in scenarios to change the defensive and attack rate with bonuses on certain maps for example parts on Dameon's Westeros map are said to be more defensive, I would also like to have an option were some players have cards that other players don't of course all this should go under highlighted settings if used and should also only be allowed in Practice Games.
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 06:31:07

Level 56
You could change the Revolution card to turn x number of territories of that opponent into an AI instead.
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 08:42:36

Thomas 633
Level 56
Smoke Card:

Makes your territory into a DENSE FOG setting for x turns (so people know you are there but not how many armies you have).

Edited 1/29/2015 08:42:51
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 16:22:29

Level 58
I still think the tinfoil hat card needs to happen. Like, seriously.

I would like the Tinfoil Hat card to be added to the game. Its effect would be to completely randomize the ownership of every single territory on the map and distribute them all to the remaining players. This would make team matches, FFAs and even strat. 1v1 games a lot more dynamic and comical.

Please sign this petition.

Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 18:30:49

Level 53
The first 3 wouldn't work, too much damage. The Pollution card is a good idea, but remember that all the cards are things one player can do to another. I think Sabotage is a better name. Maybe Sabotage reduces one territory by X percent, Precision Strike does 1 territory and all it's surroundings by X percent, and Carpet Bomb does an entire bonus by X percent.
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 22:16:43

Guy on a Buffalo
Level 59
the only one of those i really like is the nuke card but I would call it an air attack card would work like an airlift card but can send a one time attack anywhere
Cards ideas: 1/29/2015 23:24:32

Level 21
I was thinking about a nuke card myself.
The revolution and corruption cards are unbalanced.
The pollution card should deplete a bonus by x% for y turns.
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