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Mouse problems since last update: 1/26/2015 08:01:16

Level 58

Ever since the last update I'm experiencing some problems when trying to scroll with the mouse wheel.

Zoom into a map using the wheel works only briefly once at each new opening of the flash (that is: I can zoom in/out ONCE, then never until I restart the website/flash).

Same goes for scrolling up/down.

. It occurred BEFORE the Flash update to version 16 yesterday, so I assume it is a Warlight specific problem.

. mouse wheel works in every other flash/windosw/whatever applicationScrolling/zoom

. I use a logitech MX mouse with up-to-date drivers (unified bluetooth driver 5.80.4 with setpoint 6.65.62)

. Firefox 35.0 and Win7/64bit

It is somewhat annoying, maybe there is a fix?
Any help would be appreciated!

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