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suggestion make "Show 5 more open games" default: 10/26/2023 21:28:39

Level 62
It is annoying to have to click "show X open more games" from dashboard, especially once you do that, it re-orders the games you have already seen. Is there any reason why it can't show all the open games from the get go? I guess if there are 200 or something it can't, but it rarely has more than 8 that aren't shown
suggestion make "Show 5 more open games" default: 10/27/2023 08:21:35

Level 63
I think the app only shows mega games from the your games page. From the dashboard page in website, a few games are show but then you can click to view them all.
If you want to see more games on the app use the open games page.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2