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1v1: Game stuck at end when winning: 1/24/2015 07:37:34

Level 54
(Sorry if this issue already has been mentioned in other forums posts, I did some searches, but found no similar threads)

I´ve had this happen a couple if times in the ¨standard¨ 1v1 game:
When winning the game, I´m waiting for a very long time before the game ends. Is this due to the opponent not surrendering, but just leaving the game without surrendering?

The game stays in the ¨The game will advance to the next turn once all players commit their orders¨-phase. An in the lobby under ¨My Games¨ I have the description under the game: Turn 6 waiting on player X for 3 hours 48 minutes.

The settings are as follows:

Game Pace: Real-Time Game
Players can be directly booted if they don´t take their turn after 5 minutes
Players are sutomatically booted after 3 days (all ¨standard¨ 1v1 games seem to have this)
Players on vacation can be booted(vacations are not honored)

Yesterday I waited about an hour for a game to end and right now I have another game just waiting for a long while. Will I have to wait 3 days for the victory as outlined in the rule ¨Players are sutomatically booted after 3 days¨? I have no option to boot the player because he didn´t take his turn after 5 minutes.

Is this caused by the player not surrendering but just leaving? Or is it normal for the game to process this long for the game to end?

Greets Wezneck

Edited 1/24/2015 10:47:37
1v1: Game stuck at end when winning: 1/24/2015 14:18:25

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
if he doesn't make his move within 5 minutes, you can boot him manually
1v1: Game stuck at end when winning: 1/24/2015 14:32:19

Level 54
Thanks great! argh I stupidly never noticed the Nudge/boot function in the menu.
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