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Custom Scenario Buillder: 1/23/2015 15:43:39

Nishorgo Master
Level 34
Hey, just a quick suggestion to update Warlight:
When using the custom scenario builder comes up is it possible to maybe give whole bonuses to a letter. I think it will be quicker this way, especially with the big maps!
Custom Scenario Buillder: 1/23/2015 17:25:30

Level 55
You can, click on the bonus and change the letter.
Custom Scenario Buillder: 1/24/2015 05:30:20

Level 57
yep if you click the bonus then choose which slot, you can also change to armies in a whole bonus
Custom Scenario Buillder: 1/26/2015 19:09:03

Level 59
Yup. Жұқтыру and Alias09 are correct, you can also click on the bonus or the selected territory and press tab + letter to make it faster. To the AX slots, just press A many Times. Same with N to make it neutral. Also, when you click on a bonus, you can set the armies in that bonus to one amount.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4