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please look at this games: 9/26/2010 16:39:54

Level 2
please look here
and here

and tell me something about team A and miagi...
why such a loosers are here ?
please look at this games: 9/26/2010 17:05:02

Level 3
1)14 minutes waiting in. What we were supposed to do?
2)you see how miagi are playing, so I believe you don't blame us booting him.

then you wrote somth like "You are douchbags,people" and disappeared. We proposed you to play that game as 1vs1 but you didn't answered before boot time left.And didn't submit your orders
please look at this games: 9/26/2010 17:26:28

Level 5
Dear Mr. Spanish_Inquisition, I'm very happy to have a possibility to play with you in WarLight. I wrote "play", please mention that.
I am not bloodythirsty player and I'm not fond of destroying and killing my enemies if they cant resist me (+ it's boring). I play because I like playing, not because I wanna win as much as it's possible in any proper way.
There is unwritten rule for me: do not boot people in '5 min boot games' before 7-8 minutes passes (in the beggining. In the middle of the game I wait till 10). This time we were waiting for 8 minutes. As u might have noticed from second game your teammate likes to leave games, that he started, for a long time. I don't wanna wait for 20 minutes in '5-min game'.
Of course we could have played 1v1 in that game, but, as I have written, I'm not bloodythirsty. I'm afraid but it looks like that our level of playing is very different, so I just decided not to waste time on that game.
If you feel that I'm wrong, invite me (or us) in any game u would like. We will accept it with great pleasure.
P.S. Of course, the best variant was to vote to end. But I think that YOU should have told us to do that.
please look at this games: 9/26/2010 17:45:40

Level 2
lol :)
i think that one of you play as a miagi and this is all about that.

i have told about vote to end, i have told about 1 vs 1 game... i have booted one of them and they simply booted me :)

best for you :*
Posts 1 - 4 of 4