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Nation's Cup 2023 2nd Round Matchups: 8/21/2023 18:13:54

Marcus Aurelius 
Level 62
Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who attended the livestream. You can watch it here if you missed it -> https://www.twitch.tv/min34

We also created the 2nd round matchups live on stream, and Min and I made predictions on them. The predictions are on the right. Matchups are starting to get spicy. These are:

HEL B to get bye.
- EAS vs SUI - SUI to win.
- ITA B vs GER B - GER B to win.
- POL C vs GB B - GB B to win.
- US C vs ITA D - US C to win.
- FR C vs US D - Too close to call.
- BEL vs POL B - Too close to call.
- ITA C vs GB C - ITA C to win.
- ITA E vs CZE - CZE to win.
- POL A vs GER C - POL A to win.
- US B vs ANZ B - US B to win.
- HEL C vs ANZ A - ANZ A to win.
- GB A vs NL - Too close to call.
- FR B vs GER A - GER A to win.
- US A vs FR A - Too close to call.
- HIS vs ITA A - Too close to call.
- CAN vs HEL A - HEL A to win.

Special thanks again to Justin, Min, and Gak, for helping to get us to this point.

Nation's Cup 2023 2nd Round Matchups: 8/21/2023 18:15:37

Level 63
Heres a youtube link to the stream. It is timestamped as well!

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