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Max Amount of Setting Icons: 1/15/2015 00:20:03

Level 59
What's the maximum number of setting icons you can get on one game? Here's a good attempt at it.

Template: https://www.warlight.net/MultiPlayer?TemplateID=579368

I count 17 icons.

In order:
Auto-distribution (Yellow) - Manual-Distribution gets a green icon.
Cards (Green) - Any type works, but more cards = longer alt-text.
Team Game (Green) - Random teams makes the alt-text longer.
Banked time (Green) - This applies to banked time at the start of the match.
Wastelands (Green) - Any amount of wastelands with any value works.
Luck Modifier (Yellow) - This seems to show up as long as it isn't zero.
Practice Game (Yellow) - I don't think I want anyone to gain points off this game.
Altered Minimum # of Armies/Turn (Yellow) - The default is 5. Also known as Base Income.
Fog Level (Yellow) - Doesn't show if it's Normal Fog.
Extra Armies per X territories (Yellow) - 3 in this case.
Overridden Bonuses (Yellow) - Why is this one a Triforce?
Attack/Transfer Only (Yellow)
Local Deployments (Red)
No-Split Mode (Red)
Army Cap (Red) - As is this. Doesn't say the multiplier for the cap, though.
Non-Default Kill Rates (Red) - Even a 1% difference works - but a 1% difference can change a lot.
Multi-Attack (Red)

Icons I couldn't/didn't get...
Pure Skill (Blue) - Eliminates the Luck Icon and the Distribution Icon.
Manual Distribution (Green) - It's a 1:1 trade between this and Auto-Distribution.
Custom Distribution (Red) - Can't get the Wastelands Icon with this.

If 17 icons isn't the max: What did I miss?

If it is the max: What's the closest to a strategic template we can get with the maximum amount of icons? (This will be, at the very least, an unusual question to answer - the standard for strategic templates don't involve any of LD, MA, or No-Split... Manual Distribution is still available, though.)
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