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Modded tournaments (are you interested?): 7/25/2023 10:59:14

Level 63
I was wondering if there’s interest for having modded tournaments monthly or bimonthly (depending on how long it takes for games to end). Games will need to be created manually (official tournaments don’t allow experimental mods) and CLOT wouldn’t work as a solution for non-members.

Games would be 1v1 or 2 teams with same number of players per team.

Open to template suggestions. Could do with at least 1 example game on the template.

Boot time will be 3 days.

Format will be round robin or double elimination depending on number of players.

Edited 7/28/2023 00:35:03
Modded tournaments (are you interested?): 7/25/2023 12:32:52

Level 60
...interest for having modded tournaments...

Oh my gosh YES! Been wishing years for this.

...(official tournaments don’t allow mods)...

Fizzer, please update the game to allow mods for Tournaments, pleeeeeeeeease? Also, allow mods for Community Levels. Please and thank you.

@Dan +1. ;) Yes, definitely.
Modded tournaments (are you interested?): 7/25/2023 12:41:22

Level 62
I'd be interested :)

Hosted something resembling this a few month ago, glad someone is taking the time :D

Modded tournaments (are you interested?): 7/28/2023 00:38:30

Level 63
Anyone else?
I’ll make a thread about template suggestions on Monday. If you don’t have any multiplayer games on it, feel free to invite me. Looking for 1v1 or 2 teams of equal size.
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