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Abuse of voting to end: 1/11/2015 13:08:43

Level 47
Apologies, but I needed to vent. I've been playing a huge game for about 2 months, a modified local deploy on the Europe 1812 map, and grinding a losing position into a winning one, my last opponent, who has played really well so far, in what was the most enjoyable game I've ever played, is now killing it with diplomacy and voting to end, and has stated that he is going to stalemate it indefinitely. He's got plenty of neutral territories I can't take away, so he can keep getting cards for probably a year if he wants. This has taken me about an hour a day over the last month at least and I'm not going to just give it up because I've won.

I don't understand why people do this. Why not just surrender? Getting booted obviously counts against you, but if you can't take losing, why play at all? You know, go for a rematch if it really bothers you.

I agree with the point of voting to end games which are clearly broken, but forcing an abort using diplomacy, when there is definitely going to be an outcome isn't fair. It happened in anoher game I'm playing too, one of the players had a bad start and then tried to persuade the other players to abort the game. But other players were willing to keep it going. I'm going to lose that game, but I'm glad it continued, I've enjoyed the challenge. But why call for it to be aborted if other players are still enjoying it? It's like a child sulking.

There ought to be a report button or something. I just think this is really dishonourable and it takes all the fun out of it.

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Abuse of voting to end: 1/11/2015 13:27:55

Level 59
Just make him play it out. If he really wants to stalemate for a year let him. He'll probably quit warlight before that and you'll get the win. Some games are designed poorly and allow too many diplo cards. You chose one of those games. If I were you, I'd blacklist him and play it until you get the win you've earned. If you're truly that far ahead, it shouldn't take you an hour per move any longer.
Abuse of voting to end: 1/11/2015 13:57:45

Level 57
Post a link to the game, I'd like to see this - I choose not to play with people who are unsportsmanlike.
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