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Roshar 1.0 testing game: 7/1/2023 03:21:14

Level 55
Hello everyone,
I've made a Roshar map, from the Stormlight Archive. I'd love for some people to come test out the map. The game will be FFA 1 day,
Please note that the map contains Spoilers for anything after Words of Radiance. The Custom Distributions might have spoilers from any book.
You can see the map here:
I've made some creative decisions that you may notice if you are familiar with the books. Any feedback would be appreciated!


Edited 7/1/2023 17:49:56
Roshar 1.0 testing game: 7/1/2023 16:00:17

Level 60
I'll test it today.

I use Discord when testing maps. Go here:

Roshar 1.0 testing game: 7/1/2023 17:33:58

Level 60
Round 1 of testing finished. (Coenquistatore will post his findings as well - we're doing separate testing)

Rashar map test bonus checklist

173 T - 41 Bonuses

Aimia - pending
Aladar - good
Azir - good
Babatharnam - good
Bethab - good
Crownlands - good
East Jah Keved - pending
Emul - good
Frostlands - pending
Greater Hexi - good
Hatham - good
Herdaz - good
Horneater Peaks - pending
Kholin - pending
Lesser Aziah States - pending
Liafor - pending
Marat - good
North Iri - pending
Old Natham - pending
Purelake - good
Purelake Nations - good
Reshi Isles - pending
Rira - pending
Roion - good
Ruthar - good
Sadeas - good
Sebarial - good
Shinovar - good
South Iri - pending
Steen - good
Tarat Sea - good
Tashikk - pending
Thanadel - pending
Thaylenah - good
Triax - pending (add bridge)
Tu Bayla - good
Tu Fallia - good
Tukar - good
Urithiru - good
Vamah - good
West Jah Keved - pending

Go to the Discord map testing link to see the pics we have provided so you can make corrections. When you are finished with that, we'll do round two. That's all for now. Contact me/us through Discord.

Edited 7/1/2023 17:34:52
Roshar 1.0 testing game: 7/1/2023 18:27:14

Level 58
I'm sadly not familiar with the books, but i find your map quite interesting.

First thing though, it's the archipelagoes in the North and North-east side of the map (from the "Reshi Isles" to "Dawn Shadow's") that are not part of any bonus, nor are territories. I imagine it's an artistic choice, but i suggest you changing the color to a darker one, since it's too similar to the usual grey that territories have and it confounds the user.

I'd also suggest you modify some of the bonus colors to a darker version, as some bonus borders are a bit difficult to be clearly recognized.

I went from Z to A: (<> = Bonuses - "" = Territories)

<West Jah Keved> and <Horneater Peaks> - "Valath" to "The Sighted Ocean Peak";

<Thanadel> and <Kholin> - "East Thanadal" missing connection to "Royal Kholin" - - - btw, are <Thanadel> and "Thanadal" both correct despite the different vowel?

<Tashikk> and <Lesser Azish States> - "East Tashikk" missing connection to "South Yezier";

<South Iri> - the "Iri Kasitor", "South Iri" and "East Iri" shapes may confuse people if whether these last two have to be connected or not;

<Rira> and <West Jah Keved> - "Riralia" missing connection to "Northgrip" - - - are <Keved> and "Kaved" both correct?

<North Iri> - "West Iri Form" missing connection to "Iri Eloria"

<Liafor> and <Lesser Azish States> - "North-East Liafor" missing connection to "South Yezier"

<Aimia> - "The Sleepless Isle" missing connection to "West Shin Mountains"
Roshar 1.0 testing game: 7/7/2023 20:18:20

Level 34
As a big fan of the books I'll be excited to see this when it comes out
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