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warzone idle market strat level guides: 6/15/2023 15:02:21

Level 60
Post yours here!


EH by Pkmx:

take first market => take 5 hospitals => Westerwald market (iron bar) => take two crafters => craft barbed wire/metal pipe/metal sheet/tin cans/screws/nails to unlock alloy tech and path to merc (needs a bit more nails for 1st hospital cost tech) => 1st hospital upgrade round

take the two hospitals in the Balkans (Serres/Belgrade) => Kırşehir market (1st merc tech) => the two hospitals on the far east edge (Racha/Botlikhsky) => Chornomorske hospital in Crimea => Constanța hospital => Wejherowo hospital => York/Boryspil markets (2nd/3rd merc tech) => get the rest of markets (for thorium and neodymium) => get 5 crafters => start crafting 2x magnets and 2x relays, with 1 crafter on barbed wire/metal sheet => 2nd hospital upgrade round

Take the last 3 hospitals (Krasnodon/Mtsensk/Brønnøy) => 3rd hospital upgrade round

Probably wait for magnet to finish since it takes like 6 hours to craft w/o advancements/artifacts => get all merc/hospital tech => TS the 421b Puchezhsky => Use IM on Kirosky merc camp if you run out of money => finish the map

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warzone idle market strat level guides: 6/23/2023 12:03:00

Level 56
useless without knowledge of your powers/advancements/artifacts etc..

Here is for example my current EH strategy (maxed out all possible advancements, legendary TW and AV, all others are epic):

capture all hospitals only with armies from army-caches and resulting sliding draft incomes.
Racha-Lechkhumi 1st key hospital

Botlikhsky and Serres are next
Chornomorske followed by Krasnodon
followed by Mtsensk Belgrade, Constanta, Weiherowo
last one is: Brønnøy

now capture all free territories below 550M

take York as 3rd market, milk markets and update all 15 hospitals (round 1)

while waiting craft 30 Nails and 4 metal sheets (as those cannot be bought on markets)
after that craft 30 barbed wire and 3 metal pipe

now (as 1st hospital update is done) take all locations below 1.25B and all remaining markets
pull up to 80B from the remaining markets, not more than 100B!
This is to prevent Krasnodon hospital beeing updated beyond level 2!

capture Kilkenny in Ireland for magnet recipe
buy 14 neodymium and craft 2 magnets

enable auto hospital update
fire legendary TW
now hospitals are up top level 4
disable auto hospital update

now milk all markets to gain money
acquire all mercenary techs, magnets, barbed wire and metal pipes are already crafted

Advanced Auto-Conquer and Auto-Purchase Mercenaries will finish the map
warzone idle market strat level guides: 6/23/2023 23:20:31

Level 60
don't call something "useless" just because it's not useful *to you*. It is useful to me, and indeed useful to other players. Your guide is fine, especially the mentioning of Krasnodon 100B+ upgrade, but pkmx's guide is more general

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warzone idle market strat level guides: 6/28/2023 21:52:25

Level 56
read my post: I called it "useless WITHOUT knowledge of your powers/advancements/artifacts etc."

and this is valid for almost every strategy in WZI. You need to rethink your strategy several times during the game.
warzone idle market strat level guides: 6/29/2023 01:34:33

Level 60
Well... isn't every guide useless without knowledge of advancements and artifacts?
Also, sorry for misreading lol

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warzone idle market strat level guides: 7/13/2023 23:25:08

Pink Buddha
Level 55
My strategy is to capture markets and mercenaries to get to Kirovsky.
Use an IM on Kirovsky 412B to get the 15 hospitals and Markets not already taken.
Upgrade hospitals and and buy mercs until done.

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