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Mods: Advanced Diplo Mod V4 vs Villages: 5/17/2023 16:56:31

Level 20
I just started playing the game again after a long break and I dont know how this situation will play out. I'm currently in an online game and both of these mods are active.

There is a neutral territory I wish to capture by taking a Village next to it. The problem is, there is an AI who could capture said neutral territory next turn because it's right next to it. How should I proceed?

What happens if I take the neutral territory first by taking the neighboring Village? Will the diplo mod stop the AI next turn if it tries to take it from me? Or should I wait for the AI to take the neutral territory, then take the village (making this my last order just to be sure) and hoping the village "claims" said territory as mine and hopefully the diplo mod doesn't stop me?

Btw I have no access to an Order Priority card nor an Order Delay card. Hope I explained the situation correctly lol

Edited 5/17/2023 21:58:20
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