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Clan Wars Season 31 is PEAK Clan Wars: 5/4/2023 19:40:07

sanmu the shamu
Level 59
Hey all,

I've been participating in Clan Wars back since season 4, and I believe this season is by far the most competitive and most fun season of Clan Wars I've seen.

I know I'm one to troll publicly, but I just thought I'd be real for a moment. Optimum and Mythbusters are neck and neck and have been this entire season. Clan Wars is so much more fun when there is real competition in it. And I don't think the competition has been any more real than this season.

It's been competitive a couple times before, with Masters v. MH, and MH v. MB. But this is the first time it's been competitive between 2 clans that are both similar in skill and participation.

Like the previous times Clan Wars has gotten interesting, this may be short-lived. But I'm enjoying it. Thank you to the Mythbusters for being fun and honorable opponents.
Clan Wars Season 31 is PEAK Clan Wars: 5/11/2023 22:37:12

Level 63
it's been a crazy season, definitely peak for clan wars after 31 seasons in existence. and props to op keeping it going till the very end, we are constantly pushing to compete now and the community has become a little bit more involved and a lot more active. moar drama pls ;)
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