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People Stalling Games....: 12/30/2014 16:19:33

Undying Light
Level 43

In this game there was a player called Tamerlan, every turn he would wait until the last few seconds until he would take his turn, even though he did not get much per turn. Also I had warned everyone in the game, with 1 person agreeing with me, I would boot People if they had carried on taking so long.

Later on in the game there was only me and Tamerlan, at start he decided he would wait literally until 0.01 then he would take his turn. Finally i had made him surrender.

Now i wish people Would not do this because it is really annoying considering it took ages to play
People Stalling Games....: 12/30/2014 16:26:28

Level 57
So put it on a black list, do not think possible monitor it
People Stalling Games....: 12/30/2014 16:27:15

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Blacklist and move on. While annoying, he is playing within the rules of the game.
People Stalling Games....: 12/30/2014 16:58:17

Level 61
There is only one solution to this...you must kill Tamerlan! Or blacklist him, your choice.
People Stalling Games....: 12/30/2014 17:16:31

Beren • apex 
Level 63
Blacklisting isn't a solution. What if he has an alt account? I think Jefferspin's solution is the only viable one. KILL!
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