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Multiple Map Makers For The Same Map - User Voice: 12/30/2014 09:58:01

Level 58
Vote for it here:

Simply allow maps to be created by more than one person, this does not incorporate SVG creation but instead allows all the Warlight website stuff (connections, bonuses and territory names) to be done by more than one person.

When the map is first created the SVG uploader would be able to add people who will help with the map making, their names will also appear in the 'by' section once the map is published.

Only the original SVG uploader can upload new SVGs to it as well as change the maps name and description.

All of that maps authors can edit the Warlight page stuff (links, bonuses, territory names) before and after the map is published as well as reply to feedback.

This idea was created by me and Traintown
Multiple Map Makers For The Same Map - User Voice: 12/30/2014 19:16:39

Level 59
Why not just publish your maps on an alt account and give the password to people that help you? Then give credits in the description.
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