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Questions about team games: 9/10/2010 09:32:36

Level 9
I don't know if those are bugs or just the way game was planned, so I put this in General forum.

1. Random teams - why in this option creator chooses how many people put in every team, but can't just choose how many teams there should be? Now I have to know how many players I want to play with.
Today I made game for 8 players (4v4), but had problems with getting so many players. After 6 players joined we decided to make it 3v3 game, so I just removed two open seats and game started. It was 4v2. I kind of guessed it can happen and just wanted to check if it would.
The question is - why do something like this?
Maybe some better players would like to try themselves against more players, but that something manual option is better for.
Other thing I thought about is fast changing game from 2v2 to 2v2v2.
I think game should react in some way when there are not enough players to be distributed equally into n-players teams. Maybe show a warning or an option to redistribute teams equally (try 3 instead or 4 etc.), let creator choose new value.

Btw, I guess there could be an option for random teams when given number of teams, not players.

2. Equally distributing starting territories. Situation:
8 starting positions per team in scenario distribution, 3 players in team, two get 3 territoires, one gets 2. I guess it should be that everyone gets 2.
Interesting thing is, from what I tested in singleplayer, that the second option works in full distribution (there are some neutrals left), but not in scenario.
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