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anyone experienced this weird glitch / bug before?: 12/24/2014 15:09:18

Level 60
I already submitted this bug to Fizzer, but i was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced the same to help debug it somehow.

I was playing this game for the realtime ladder:

And the game became unresponsive halfway through turn 8:
I was clicking around my orders as usual, the chat window started flashing red, i clicked on it, but it didn't pop up like it usually does. At this point both the whole 1 2 3 order submitting menu on the left and the orders on the right disappeared. i couldn't set any orders anymore... clicking on territory would show the info section on the left, clicking territory info would show no popup. clicking on chat or menu would do nothing. clicking on player would not popup the player info either.

So i reloaded the page url hoping it would get fixed by itself but got the same behaviour.

Took a screenshot at this point:

I restarted the browser and refreshed the page, same behaviour.

Went to multiplayer tab, had a look at another game i was playing at the same time, was able to commit orders just fine there, but still not on this one.
Refreshed this game page again, nothing. At this point i started hoping it was server issue and hornacek had the same problem, but then i saw him commit his orders (the asterisk disappeared) while my boot countdown continued and i realised i was screwed.

Not able to do anything eventually i got booted and lost the game. the lost game menu popped up,
After that the chat box started working again...

Anyone had same issue before? I'm thinking this might be a rare bug that only started happening after Fizzer implemented the game auto-saving your orders. Trying to figure out how to replicate the bug. :/
anyone experienced this weird glitch / bug before?: 12/24/2014 17:20:40

Red Menace
Level 55
anyone experienced this weird glitch / bug before?: 12/25/2014 10:08:04

Level 10

Edited 12/25/2014 10:10:06
anyone experienced this weird glitch / bug before?: 12/25/2014 19:26:26

Level 60
so that's a no then.

i feel special!
anyone experienced this weird glitch / bug before?: 1/10/2015 06:24:55

Level 49
It appears to be a variant of "Your browser is slow". It has a hard time registering thebutton click because it is going crazy doing everything else. Then it shuts down. I've had it when loading large chat.
EDIT: Odd, the chat is small in your case. It must be a server error (returning invalid values) or a client error (failing to recognize values). I'm leaning toward client. Tell us your browser + RAM + OS

Edited 1/10/2015 06:27:50
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