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Vote to End Debate: 8/19/2013 20:26:10

Master Ree 
Level 58
I am just wondering when everyone thinks it is appropriate to vote to end a game, and what their own set of rules and guidelines are for voting.
Vote to End Debate: 8/19/2013 20:33:16

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
I vote when a majority asks or if someone in a team game has all their teamates leave the game and it becomes a gangbang
Vote to End Debate: 8/19/2013 20:46:19

Level 60
Vote to End Debate: 8/19/2013 23:44:36

Level 47
i vote before 3 turn votes pass or when the other team clearly would have won if said player would not have left i will also vote if a player asks for more time and still gets booted if a player gets booted in distribution and the other team is trying to get a vote i may attack my teammate to get him to vote
Posts 1 - 4 of 4