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Variety of Awesomeness: 12/20/2014 04:03:38

Little Blue
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I always think it's hilarious when people talk about 'the death of innovation' or how we aren't making new discoveries or new technologies 'like we used to'.

I'm fairly certain that mindset comes from people who only pay attention to the world through their favorite news network, where almost all you hear about is doom & gloom.

So, I'm gonna post up some of the cool stuff I've come across.

Artificial prosthetic limbs: Man lost both of his arms decades ago, has been testing new tech that lets him control limbs just by thinking about it. It's not like you see in the movies, he has to control each pivot point individually, one at a time, but pretty freaking cool.


Mind-controlled gaming and augmented world interface: A headset that can be trained to learn commands as you think them. This will probably be gaming in another 15 years.


Curing paralysis: A lab has developed a system that allows rats with severed spinal cords to reconnect their nerves and regain control of their legs.


Livers grown from stem cells: I've heard them say we're probably 30-40 years from being able to grow any replacement organ from a human's own stem cells. Rejection would be almost non-existent. Donors wouldn't be required anymore. No more lists. No more dying while waiting.


And one of the most exciting, is the work being done on fusion reactors. Several different teams have built actual working reactors. Although small, it's a tremendous breakthrough. Virtually unlimited, practically free power, for the entire world when we master that tech. The best part is, the radioactive waste problem is almost nonexistent. Waste becomes safe after 50-100 years, as compared to tens of thousands of years.

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Variety of Awesomeness: 12/20/2014 04:17:52

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