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A Battle In Jerusalem - How?: 1/8/2023 02:02:19

Level 57
I've been on A Battle in Jerusalem for hours, and still can't beat it. My best attempt was when I acquired the Citadel of Konya, but the other two AI's who I met demolished me, having stacks of 10-18. What's the strategy to beating this level? I've actually done better for the level next to it.
A Battle In Jerusalem - How?: 1/23/2023 15:35:21

Level 65
It's been a little while since I've played it so there is not a lot of specific detail on the map, but didn't want to leave you hanging here without a response. One of the keys to LD is to grow stacks and then take over income. You can get the AI to attack you by pulling stacks back. If you do it on a turn where they attack first, you can bring the stack back on the first move of the next turn and get them to crash into your stack and lose armies.

All that to say, don't spread too thin. Take straight lines of armies toward the places where they have income and break the income first. Then focus on finishing their bonuses and gaining income from those.

It may not be the most efficient way to do it, so you may not get the gold star, but it should get you the victory.
A Battle In Jerusalem - How?: 2/4/2023 22:14:13

Level 63
someone is creating a guide to all singleplayer levels. no idea how far they got, but you could maybe find a video on youtube or the forum here
A Battle In Jerusalem - How?: 2/5/2023 00:40:21

Level 60
I helped Cube. He got it.
A Battle In Jerusalem - How?: 2/5/2023 01:07:41

Level 57
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