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Why you should 1v1 on France Big: 12/24/2022 07:33:02

Level 45
Heyo! First forum post in the Warzone thread itself. I was going through old replays and decided to write a guide on one of my favorite maps: France Big.

Big Maps in Warzone have some rather interesting dynamics compared to the more commonly chosen world or rome maps. The first player with the highest income at critical mass does not automatically win. Rather, victory has a lot more to do with map knowledge and terrain-control.

This game in particular demonstrates how you can win, for example by cutting-off an opponent you are closely matched with in the mid-game. France is a good map to learn this, because it is geometrically shaped like a star.


In this replay, the Sea Green player (me) manages to cut off the Deep Pink player (friend) by expanding along the narrow-straits of the map. This results in a narrower frontline, effectively partitioning France in half and benefitting the player with more income and room for growth.

Another way to think about this is: "If you could cut the map in half, what would be the shortest cut you can make, closest to the centre?"

Map: France Big
Originally Played: 23 Nov 2019
Warzone Replay: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=20152037

Edited 12/24/2022 14:19:12
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