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EPIC POEM1!1!1!1!1!!1!!!!!1!: 2022-12-11 03:11:49

Level 34
We hail the clan PeePee Poo Fard,
A noble and glorious band.
Their courage and strength are swift and strong,
No foe can ever stand.

The gods have blessed their valiant hearts,
And their spirit knows no fear.
Their will is strong and never fails,
Their spirit will live forever.

The clan PeePee Poo Fard has come to prove
That they are the strongest of all.
Their might will never be outmatched,
Their courage shall never fall.

They have come to join the clan league,
To prove their worth and might.
The stakes are high, the odds are tough,
But the PeePee Poo Fard will fight.

Their strategy is calculated,
Their plan is sound and true.
With courage, skill, and strategy,
They will be victorious, too.

Their rivals are strong and fierce.
But they will not be stopped.
The PeePee Poo Fard will be triumphant,
And their glory will never be topped.

Their battle cries will echo through the land,
Their victory will be heard near and far.
The gods will smile upon the clan PeePee Poo Fard,
For they will achieve glorious victory in the Clan League.
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