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HUGE WESTEROS MAP (searching testers): 12/8/2022 12:12:33

Level 54
Hello there,

I have been away from map development for over a year, but I am back with what I think will be one of the best maps in Warzone. Everyone knows Limalia's Gargantuan Westeros, and it's the map that I have personally played most games on. It's a great map for diplomacy roleplay games, and it is also strategically very good.
However the only issues that I had with it, is that I found it a bit too small (yes it's pretty big, but I wanted it to be even bigger). The other issue I had is that Essos was not on it, so you were limited in your scenario making if you wanted to create an interesting game.

So 2 months ago I started planning this new map, doing research and started drawing the outlines, taking huge inspiration from Limalia's map. And now, 2 months later (much much sooner than expected). It is almost done. I am searching for players who want to test this map with me, and I could use some help on finding out what the best way to test this map is.

-If you're interested let me know and I will invite you to the test game.
-If you have any tips or comments, or feedback on the map itself you can leave them here, I will react to it within a day.

Map preview (PC only):

Also consider joining the discord with people who have helped me make this map what it is today:
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