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Clan Wars Overhaul: 12/7/2022 21:58:34

Level 62
Even though Clan Wars is a successful feature, I believe it has lots of unused potential. I made a bundle of changes that would, I believe:
1) improve the experience for participants
2) bring more participants
3) since the introduction of CW, I noticed clanmates asking for strategic training. I believe my changes would lead to even more interest in training and growth of the strategic community
4) could work as a substitution for the real-time ladder - imagine a place where you can get high-quality real-time games (QM often fails to pair you with equal opponents in Real-Time).

What do I ask you to do?
Go to UserVoice and give the suggestion a vote (actually, you can give 3 votes). Tell friends and clanmates to vote as well. If we get 600 votes (=200 people), I will mail the suggestion to Fizzer. I believe that with this much support, he will strongly consider implementing these changes.

UserVoice link: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warzone-features/suggestions/46055584-clan-wars-overhaul

There is another suggestion where Fizzer very strongly suggested, that if it gets 600 votes he will implement it. In short, it lets you create slots that can be joined only by certain clan. UserVoice: https://warlight.uservoice.com/forums/77051-warzone-features/suggestions/45625777-secondary-open-seats
Clan Wars Overhaul: 12/7/2022 23:28:46

Orcinus orca
Level 60
I can't support the full proposal, as I think some of it defeats the purpose of playing a clan war. Addressing the bullet points list:

-> players can join multiple slots every day

I would support, but Fizzer would have to figure out how to rebalance territory taking so that seasons didn't end too fast. Also some clans that take CW too seriously may burn out, but I think that's on the players to regulate.

-> no CW cap and clanless players can join CW

CW cap is needed for balance between very large and very small clans. Including clanless players in a clan war defeats the purpose of having a clan war.

-> improved matchmaking and template choice

I would like every template to have multiple choices and in particular would like a "strat" template every timeslot (MME, French Brawl, Guiroma are the current ones). I get the need for having SEAD for newer players, and also understand Fizzer promoting commanders and bomb cards, but it's easy enough to include 3 templates every timeslot.

-> personal ELO system

This looks good to me as a way to make matchmaking better, could also use existing QM rating and have CW matches affect QM rating.

-> coin rewards and clan ranking based on personal ELO of active clanmates

Bad idea, every season should be independent. Otherwise just get a bunch of highly rated players to play one game of CW once a week and win. Part of the point of CW is that weaker but active clans can compete with stronger strat clans. The matchmaking system promotes this by giving stronger clans stronger opponents, and weaker clans weaker opponents. This allowed a pitched fight between LFA and Optimum for 2nd last season.

I get that as proposed this is a "secondary competition," but I think should keep CW as a single competition.

-> idle rewards based on activity and # of wins

idle rewards based on territories is fine.
Clan Wars Overhaul: 12/8/2022 00:32:44

Level 62

The suggestion is more robust but is two pages long, so I just pointed out the main points. The full suggestion is in the google doc link.

Gaining points (both for winning and daily participation) leads to your clan and you as individual gaining rewards. You are not taking anything from the opponent by gaining points (other than making the season shorter. This should be even beneficial to your opponents, because of diminishing returns when it comes to rewards). So taking CW hardcore or having lots of members will not hurt the competition.

When it comes to QM rating, that rises too slowly to correctly measure the skill of most players.

Currently, CW makes itself "fair" by valuing daily activity and having ~40 active CW players. If you want to go to the extreme, you should kick/ ban players who don't participate in CW enough. That has nothing to do with Warzone and shouldn't be rewarded.

My system focuses more on rewarding skill. Playing 1.2 games/ week is the bare minimum to be flagged as active in my system. Having to play just 15 games every 3 months is a quality-of-life feature and allows less hardcore clans to compete. Activity will still help you because your score is your peek (maximum) ELO, rather than your actual ELO. So very active players will have bigger scores than equally skilled players playing minimal games.

Rewards for ranking are coins and clan rank (=prestige). I believe that the reason why most less skilled players play CW is Idle rewards - these are now being given mostly for activity. So if your clan is very very active, you should actually get more rewards in my system than in the current one.
Clan Wars Overhaul: 12/8/2022 00:49:38

Level 62
It technically isn't a secondary competition, because I am canceling competition in # of territories. And replacing it with ELO-based.

It is possible to learn how to play SE1W and SEAD on a very high level in ~10 hours. Every slot has at least 2/3 to have SE1W or SEAD. If 30 members from your clan are willing to put these 10 hours into training and then play ~daily to increase peek ELO, you will almost surely defeat every clan which doesn't take CW seriously. Your score would probably even be enough to defeat elite clans like MASTERs - assuming <15 of them would participate.

Edited 12/8/2022 00:50:49
Clan Wars Overhaul: 12/8/2022 03:41:38

Level 59
Full in support of this idea
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