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RT ladder improvements: 12/11/2014 01:12:12

Level 60
I've noticed a lot of players 'forget' they are logged in to the ladder page and either cede the game due to timeout or have to play slowly due to being active in other games/committed elsewhere. I wanted to put a few suggestions out that may help mitigate this and shouldn't be too hard to implement.

1. When you join a ladder game you are logged out of the ladder.
2. The link to the game opens in a new tab, this leaves the ladder page open in your browser.
3. Have the horn to defaulted on and linked to the default volume slider.

3 combined with 2 means you have a decent chance of noticing a game if 1 is not implemented.

Sometimes I hate giving ideas when I am so new to a community so I hope I am not overstepping the mark and/or making stupid suggestions.

Cheers for listening to me.
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