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Map Making Question: 6/10/2009 20:26:04

General MTM
Level 2
Hi again i am now asking how you make those orange lines in between south america and africa and other places in inkscape. Thanks for posting!
Map Making Question: 6/12/2009 00:03:31

Level 16
You probably already figured it out since I see you posted over a day ago, but I'll go ahead and answer it anyway.

Those are just lines drawn. Anything you draw in Inkscape will show up on your map unless a territory or something else overlaps it (within the border confines). Use the tool below the pencil tool. The pen like one. Click in one spot, then right click somewhere else to get a line (as opposed to a series of lines making a shape). Then you can use the other tools to move it or adjust the points and if you right-click on it you can go to fill & stroke and adjust the width and color to your liking as well.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2