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WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 12:15:59

Level 60
******Hello all you are invited to participate in the WSOW******
***************The World Series Of Warlight****************

The idea is simple you join the sign up tournament you start to get invitations to WSOW tournaments
you get points for your final position in each tournament
at the end of the season the player with the most points wins

to take part join this tournament:

if you do not meet the prerequisites but want to take part send me a warlight mail to this account:
and I will get back to you ASAP

sign up deadline 24th of December

1st tournament to be created 3rd of January
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 12:16:07

Level 60
Final list of players:
1. Ineffable
2. Dom365
3. Polakillo
4. ChrisCMU
5. JSA
6. Jefferspin
7. NoobSchool
8. The Turtle
9. Frankdeslimste
10. Pushover
11. Krzychu
12. AWOL Gls AJ
13. Ctrl Alt Delete
14. Oh Noes
15. G. Arun
16. picapau
17. elbee
18. GreenTea
19. Master Bjarke
20. Mirror
21. Timinator
22. timon92
23. Botanator
24. Memele
25. Arkanton
26. Bananashake
27. Beren Erchamion
28. SeruM
29. Don
30. Heyheuhei
31. his balls.
32. TheThedde
33. Vanguard
34. siwy
35. 13CHRIS37
36. Dredd
37. Jakalen
38. AIRNewbie
39. Pink
40. rocky1
41. Cruass
42. Henns
43. INsAnE
44. Nordic
45. Robert E Lee
46. Min34
47. Alexander
48. Andersault
49. Blortis
50. ACL Tears
51. Braak
52. Corto Maltese
53. dagorin
54. Dreamworker
55. Kantos
56. nich
57. Master Miyagi
58. Machiavelly
59. Faucheur
60. pip gk
61. Big E
62. Carlos Danger
63. DrummingManiac1
64. EagleBlast
65. Hillbilly
66. lawm
67. Legacy
68. Lolowut
69. Megaa
70. MilitaryManiac
71. Riyamitie
72. Robin Hood
73. Mayor Sonnen
74. CoperniC
75. Ariecchino
76. Tenshi
77. KKND
78. Matt431
79. Seahawks
81. EZPickens
82. Sword of the Morning
83. Cornelius Sulla
84. wakanarai
85. Hypnotic
86. Gajda
87. Jackie Treehorn
88. Helmut Zdobywca
89. Eutychus
90. Hamdog12
91. TheBeast_MD
92. PJ017
93. JaponeSafado
94. Febo
95. tartan1314
96. dzob
97. Wonka
98. skunk940
99. DynamiteT

Edited 1/2/2015 08:47:07
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 12:16:14

Level 60
now for the longer version with more details
the WSOW is an idea of making a season of tournaments and eventually have a seasonal rating
The season consists of ten 64 players double elimination tournaments
you can play all but only the best 7 are counted
Each tournament awards points based on your final position the player with the most points at the end wins
because there is no way to seed players tournaments will be double elimination to make it a little more fair
in order to have the best player win and not the most active you need to compete in 7 tournaments out of the 10
you will not get to choose which tournament you will play in
it will be by a system to favor the player with the least tournaments joined
all players will be invited to tournament#1 players that do not join will get a 3 day early invite to tournament #2 after 3 days the rest will be invited
this will continue throughout the whole season the players with the least tournaments gets an early invite

General settings:
3 day auto boot
vacation honored

1. Strategic MME
2. Ancient Greece
3. Turkey
4. Strategic ME
5. Phobia
6. East Asia & Oceania
7. Battle Islands V
8. Europe
9. Guiroma
10. Strategic ME

estimated schedule
on the opening day of the tournament tournament #1 will be created
when tournament #1 starts tournament#2 will be created
when tournament#2 starts tournament#3 will be created
when tournament#3 starts tournament#4 will be created
tournament#4 will be different it will be 2 tournaments:
4A. an elite tournament for the top 32 players of season 1
4B. a tournament for players that want to gain access for tournament 10A
tournament#5 will be created 3 month after tournament#4 starts
when tournament#5 starts tournament#6 will be created
when tournament#6 starts tournament#7 will be created
tournament#8 will be created 3 month after tournament#7 starts
when tournament#8 starts tournament#9 will be created
when tournament#9 starts tournament#10 will be created
tournament#10 will be different it will be 2 tournaments
10A. an elite tournament for the top 16 players of tournament 4A and the top 16 players of tournament 4B
10B. this tournament will have less "big" names so it is a chance for the less skilled players to win
Tournament #11 will be the masters and it will be open only to the top 8 players and will go like so:
2 RR of 4 players template will be decided by players ranked 1 and 2
RR A:players ranked 1 3 6 8
RR B:players ranked 2 4 5 7
from each RR 2 qualify to a small 4 players single elimination Strategic ME tournament

points for tournaments 1,2,3,4A,5,6,7,8,9,10A

points for tournaments 4B,10B

points for tournament 11
200 for every RR win
400 for semi final win
1000 for final win

sign up tournament
I have disabled the forward invite option for this sign up tournament
however it is an open tournament so any player that was not invited may join if he/she meets the prerequisites
the actual tournaments will not be open and only players that join the sign up tournament will be invited

some disadvantages:
1. luck is a big factor as you can get a hard draw and be eliminated early
2. the season will be long
3. one player can stop progress by being slow/taking back to back vacation
4. not every player will get to play in all the tournaments he would like to
5. there will likely to be a big skill difference that could deter top players as this is not an exclusive competition

some advantages:
1. boots and resignations will not be a big factor (unless they are at a very high percentage)
2. each tournament is individual so unlike other great ideas i have seen 1 or 2 early eliminations does not rule you out and you can still win the overall season
3. low number of games at once maximum of 4, probably 2-3 at a time at the start and 0-1 most of the time
4 .you are not obligated to play any game/template you don't know/like and still have a chance to win overall season
5. possibilities of future seasons such as adding 2v2 tournaments, rank based tournaments and to use this rankings as the base for other ideas

questions and feedback are welcome may it be positive or negative
and finally thanks for your patience if you have managed to read all of this

spreadsheet where I will update points of season 2 and final results of season 1

Edited 12/18/2014 12:24:36
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 12:48:35

Level 60
i cant join because you blacklisted me!!!
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 13:28:39

Level 60
if you really want an invite send me a mail to the above mentioned account
and I will talk with you more and try to remember why i BL you

btw i have a very large blacklist over 1000 so it is hard to keep track
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 17:18:24

✧ Jace 
Level 57
nice idea! i like the setup!
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 17:21:16

Level 63
Count me in
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 22:08:11

Level 60
btw i have a very large blacklist over 1000 so it is hard to keep track

haha thats my man!
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 23:23:15

Robin Hood 
Level 58
I'll play.
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 23:37:28

Level 56
Love the idea, Points might be out of my grasp but always fun to participate xD
WSOW 2: 12/9/2014 23:55:21

Level 48
Ill join
WSOW 2: 12/10/2014 08:35:55

Level 60
@Resykon sorry your boot precent is too high
WSOW 2: 12/11/2014 20:44:08

Level 60
Little update
the response for this so far has been awesome big thanks to all that has joined
88 players so far which is enough to start the season
however I will keep the sign up open to get a buffer incase of boots and resignations
all players that sign up until we hit 100 will be considered official players
players from 100 and up will be considered substitutes
WSOW 2: 12/23/2014 09:51:07

Level 60
Sign up close tomorrow 97 players already joined only 3 spots left

as I mentioned before the first tournament will be created on January 3rd GL to all participants
WSOW 2: 12/23/2014 09:54:19

Level 40
Holy shit Resykon
WSOW 2: 12/23/2014 11:34:01

Thomas 633
Level 56
I will play
WSOW 2: 1/3/2015 07:42:59

Level 60
WSOW 2: 1/3/2015 08:37:49

Master Ryiro 
Level 62
invite me please
WSOW 2: 1/5/2015 13:33:05

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
Just to confirm; I can now join every tournament, and my best seven count.
WSOW 2: 1/5/2015 17:50:00

Level 60
yes you can join all the tournaments
however players with less tournaments joined will recieve a 3 day early invite
tournament #2 has been created
early invite has been sent to all players that did not join tournament #1
in 3 days the rest will be invited
WSOW 2: 1/9/2015 10:13:26

Level 60
WSOW 2: 1/9/2015 13:16:02

Master Turtle 
Level 61
So if I skip Turkey and Phobia I have good odds of an early invite to Battle Islands?
WSOW 2: 1/9/2015 17:01:13

Level 60
You need to update the summary. I moved up to a 4th place tie (from 8th) by making it to the final game :)
WSOW 2: 1/12/2015 11:49:37

Level 55
First of all I would like to congratulate all my heart to the winner!
Frank, you are a damned good player!!!!

When I beat Jefferspin and qualified for the finals in the last tourney before the playoffs (WSOW #9 GuiRoma) the situation were the followings:
I had got 3075 points
Arlecchino had got 2375 points
Frank had got 2150 points
Ineffable had got 1925 points
and the rest players had got (much) less.

And all the players (at least with enough high points) didn't have chance to gain additonal points before the playoffs except Frank. He had just played with Krzychu, and he needed win 4 more games before he meet with me in the final of WSOW #9 GuiRoma.

So it seemed olny Frank is who can prevent me to win the whole series, but for this he needed to do actually 100% performance in his remaining matches!

And he did it!

Well, ok, he almost did it :P

Actually, I am the only player who could beat him after this :O
In the final of GuiRoma (btw I won our fight 2-1 in this series (1-1 on Turkey) :P)

But back to Frank, he did an amazing 9-1 series!
Very impressive perforemance!
Especially because he started from a big point disadvantages.
So congrats again! Well done!

Btw funny fact that I did a good enough series too (4-1), I had only 1 lost as well during my remaining games, plus I could win againts Frank, but despites these I was failed for winning the series :O Plus funny fact if I simple surrend my last playoffs game againts Arlechinno, I still win my group but Chris (who was my killer later :D ) didn't promote to the final :O Interesting but meaningless facts :D

So congrats again Frank, and I think you can defend your title!
I am rooting for You! ;-)
WSOW 2: 1/15/2015 20:46:13

Level 60
Tournament #3 has started

tournament #4 will be different it will be divided into 2 tournaments
tournament 4A for 32 players that were in WSOW Season 1
tournament 4B for the rest of the players
*tournament 4A will have double the points of tournament 4B
*the top 16 players of tournament 4A and 4B will be invited to tournament 10A
*tournament #5 will be created in the end of April

@the turtle you are correct
@chris I will update soon
@Ekstone you did very well too bad you chose not to play this season :-(

scores link
will try to give updates from time to time
WSOW 2: 1/16/2015 06:45:40

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Isn't it kind of unfair to make 4A double points?

And thanks for the kind words Ekstone! :)
WSOW 2: 1/16/2015 21:23:12

Level 60
4A should be much harder (I just looked and there are lots of good players in there), thus harder to get points vs general population. But the winner of that will make out nice.
WSOW 2: 1/16/2015 21:35:18

Level 59
Don't bother inviting me to any more tournaments; I don't have time for them. I have to agree with Frankdeslimste about it not really being fair to have 4A double points. Why do we have to group them up to begin with? As in, why do we need a 4A and a 4B? And if it is necessary for the event, why not alphabetize the players and randomly invite them (as in first alphabetically to tourney 1, second to tourney 2, third to tourney 1, etc.).
WSOW 2: 1/18/2015 19:23:57

Level 60
@Frank think of it as 4A normal points 4B half the normal points
@Chris that is exactly right the point is in future seasons to have rank based tournaments
@JSA no problem will not invite you
WSOW 2: 2/5/2015 15:59:12

Level 60
Tournaments 4A and 4B started



small progress report
Tournament #1 16 out of 64 players eliminated
Tournament #2 15 out of 64 players eliminated
Tournament #3 8 out of 64 players eliminated
Tournament #4A 3 out of 32 players eliminated
Tournament #4B 3 out of 32 players eliminated

more info

as stated before tournament #5 will be created in April
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