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Booking.Warzone: 11/13/2022 08:58:23

Level 33
I just want to share an idea for a feature i’d like a lot:

In the games where you are forced to place troupes in specific bonus for large part of the turns I always place the troupes in the same territory and give the same orders to create a sort a supply lines to the frontline.

Would be very useful if you could book some deployments and orders to be used every turns so you just need to take care of the frontline. In case you need to change something you just need to change the order list already filled.

What you think?

(I always play with mobile so maybe this feature is already present on PC, in case consider it also for mobile please.)
Booking.Warzone: 11/13/2022 09:00:51

Level 60
There's a LD Helper mod for that, so I doubt Fizzer would implement that into the game, he's already allowed commanders into non-member games, doubt he would do that for LD helper
Posts 1 - 2 of 2