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The Solar System Map: 8/28/2010 06:08:28

Level 10
I may be too tired and have ignored a map that already exists.

But I have come up with the concept of a solar system map, and not just plain planets and moons, but where every planet has territories on it.

I figure this would take me a lot of time as I can forsee something in the region of 1,000 territories in total.

Would this concept fly?

I'll post some preliminary pictures shortly.
The Solar System Map: 8/28/2010 07:04:39

Level 54
Go for it!
The Solar System Map: 8/28/2010 11:22:15

Level 44
I wanna play on it!
The Solar System Map: 9/3/2010 01:19:08

Level 10

A map similair to that.

Obviously a black and white copy made by me, but you get the point.

I wanted to know if I could use the small earth map for the planet earth.

The way the territories are gonna be setup is that a map of the territories for each planet will be within the planet, kinda lame I know but without 3-D application this is the best method, so you'll have to zoom in on every planet.
The Solar System Map: 9/3/2010 08:01:35

Level 9
You want to create map of every planet? Have you thought that through?
You have to come up with good ideas for dividing every planet in about 40 territories, while still keeping each one balanced.
Secondly, how do you want to connect those planets? Is Earth going to connect only to Moon, Mars and Wenus? Moon only connects to Earth? Maybe all planets connect with each other. Can you move from every territory on Earth to any territory on Mars? Or maybe there's something like orbit, where you have to move first?

I don't want to daunt you, as I would really like to play such map, but be sure to analyze whole design before starting it ;) Maybe make some smaller 200 territories version first, to check players interest and such
The Solar System Map: 9/4/2010 01:41:44

Level 10
Well I'm about to start University so I'll have some major time with flash application, a couple friends I believe could give me some help with some designs.

Basically using the satellite layouts of the planets aside from earth, I will obviously make up the territory names.

The way planets connect from one another is obviously very limited.

However earth will connect to each planet, however it will be a longer route to say Pluto than Marx, to pluto traveling from earth you'll be jumping from asteroid to asteroid, at least that's the initial idea.

As for where from a planet you go to another planet, every planet will have bases, more than one.
The Solar System Map: 9/12/2010 16:58:32

Smarty Pantssss
Level 2
how about similar to the galactic conquest map (based on star wars) where there is 'space' as a territory. That map is a good template to follow. I think that having 1000 territories may be too complicated. have each planet have 5-8 territories, each moon have 1-4 territories and then 'space' and 'astroid' places to jump from one to another. alternatively you can use a model of 'space ports' where if i control 'earth space port' i can then jump to any other planet's space port. this would be similar to Eranis World ports.
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