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Casino: 10/23/2022 09:57:13

Level 46
Tonight is a very busy night.
Jazz music's playing, people are chatting while drinking champagne, and every once in a while, you can hear the anguished screams of a man who's just lost it all.
"Welcome to the casino, Alex! What do you fancy? Blackjack? Slot machines? Roulette?" said the owner. (Why is she so hot?)
"No, madam, I'm here to-"
"Not interested? Check out our bar! We've got some of the fanciest alcohol around, sure to make you smile before passing out! Don't worry, we'll carry you back home." (She's rather pushy.)
"Madam, please, I'm not-"
"Hungry? There should be a cafeteria around there. Take a left, and you'll get there. Enjoy the steak, chicken, salad, or anything you want! You'll surely want to return."
"...I'm not here for any of that, I'm here to get my brother. He went here around 4 hours ago and still he hasn't returned."
"James Anavasi? Currently on the floor, passed out. Had too much tequila." Her husband, the bartender, walked in.
"...God damn it, James..."

(Another shitpost story. Might continue if I want to but probably won't remember. The timeline's a bit wonky, but assume they're 19 or 20 in this story.)

Edited 10/25/2022 09:39:47
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