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Enchanted Forest: 9/25/2022 11:48:13

Level 46
Alex had always wondered what was just beyond his house.
Every night, when he was about to go to bed, he would look outside and see a forest that never seems to end.
And every once in a while, it was illuminated with a thousand tiny lights.
He and his younger brother had once tried to go on their own.
Their parents never let them, for they were scared of what would happen.

But times have changed. They were 16 now.
They were allowed to go. They knew the dangers of going there.
They were ready for what would come next.

(Currently part 1 of an unknown-length series. Might continue, might not, all depends on motivation.)
Enchanted Forest: 10/13/2022 13:28:47

Level 46
As the two brothers set out on a journey of exploration, they prepared their minds, and their bags. This is the first time beyond the forest, who knows what's out there?
"You have everything?"
"Yes, Alex."
"Great! Now, you ready?"

They entered the forest, hands held. It's the dead of night, the fireflies haven't come out to play yet.
"Hey, Alex?"
"It's rather dark here... I'm a bit scared..."
"As long as we're together, we'll both be fine."
Then the forest lit up. In front of them was a purple dirt road through the forest, looking weary after decades of usage.
"We've found a path somewhere. Should we take it?"
"We won't know what's on the other side until we see it for ourselves!"

(Part 2/???, sorry for the bad quality, it's the dead of night here)
Enchanted Forest: 11/2/2022 11:57:26

Level 46
"Is it just me, or have the trees turned purple?"
"Not just you, James. The trees are purple, and I'm pretty sure we're seeing things that shouldn't be there. Be careful." Alex dragged James away from a carnivorous mushroom just as it was about to bite his leg.
"Thanks! Thought I was about to get eaten there."
"You're welcome. Just... please pay more attention."
"At least I noticed the purple trees!"
"James, that's not enough..."

As the forest cleared up, the brothers came across a crystal-clear lake lit by the moon. It was around midnight, and James was starting to get tired.
"This looks stunning... Maybe we could move here when we grow older?"
"This place feels like the perfect place to live in. We have clean water, a forest nearby, and a way out. Who wouldn't want to live here?"
"But there's no Internet..."
"You've got a point there, James. There's no internet. Anyways, let's set up camp. We need energy for tomorrow."
They eventually finished setting up their tent. It was mostly Alex who set it up, with James helping out a bit, who was about to fall asleep.
"Seems like we're done. Let's get some rest, James."
...but there was no one to talk to. James was already asleep.
"...Well, have a nice sleep. Good night, James."
As Alex drifted off to sleep, he thought about his brother. If James was safe, he'd be happy. He'd do anything to keep him safe.

(Part 3/???)
Enchanted Forest: 11/4/2022 09:45:24

Level 58
'Twas in the middle of the night, Alex woke up, hearing suspicious voices surrounding him. The voices were saying things, but too mumbled that it is unintelligible.
"Is this just me, or..." Alex murmured, as if the voices would hear him.
"Not just you," the voices responded, "But there is a reason why you shouldn't have came."
"Haven't heard of anyone stopping us..." whispered Alex, turning his head to James, fast asleep.
"Uh... shit, I don't know how to continue... 111 told me to say some script, but I forgot..." The voices was confusing to overhear.

"Who are you?"
"I'm 112." The sounds weren't coming from some creature, but just wandering around his ears. "Ah, I found it now!"
"Uh... so what is the next sentence?" Laughed Alex.
"Put four fingers a few inches down his wrist..." The voices returned to the eerie, serious tone.
"Why..." Proclaimed Alex, but he decided to do it on James anyway.

"There... should be heartbeats." 112 Added.
Alex felt nothing.

Part IV

Edited 11/4/2022 09:46:48
Enchanted Forest: 11/4/2022 15:14:52

Level 46
"...No, this can't be... A few hours ago he was fine..." Alex's voice wavered, clearly starting to panic.
"You shouldn't have brought him here. I don't know who, or why they did it, but something wants his body. His soul is fighting for his life, and in a few days, he'll lose control. It'll take over his body." 112 explained. "And if you don't stop it, you're next."
"...This was all a mistake, I shouldn't have went here... Now my brother is about to die..." Guilt was starting to overcome Alex.
"There is a way to save him."
"...How? Whatever it is, please tell me!"
"Continue along the path until you enter a village where the fairies live. Bring James with you. Look for a shop that sells potions, and talk to the shopkeeper, who should have green and gold wings. She knows something about this, and she's the only one who can help you."
"...Whatever it takes. Thank you, weird voice!" Fear replaced by determination, Alex packed his things and went on his way, carrying an unconscious James on his back.
"My name is 112, Alex Anavasi! Don't forget that!"

Part V

Thank you, 111, for your entry for Part IV! Officially considered canon, as while a bit offbeat, this sets up a conflict, and it excites me to build up from.
Enchanted Forest: 11/5/2022 12:30:12

Level 58
James is considerably heavy, and it only took ten minutes for Alex to give up and returned back to the tent and slept.

By the time Alex is awake, James was sitting by him, patting his head: "Alex, are you okay? You looked exhausted!"
"Wh... what...? How are you alive?" Alex was clearly as puzzled as a pure white jigsaw.
"What, I was alive all the time!" Proclaimed James, as he was another person who didn't know anything.
"But... last night I checked you were dead!"
"How was I dead?!" James was clearly confused. To him, everything felt like it was made up.
"Someone called... one... one... two? Or what? Told us we... shouldn't have came here, and told me to... continue to a village where... fairies lived or something..." Alex was trying his best to recall his memory.
"Who the fuck is 112? I only know a 111 from Warzone!" James only continued to ask questions.
The sun? Brightly shining, nearly at the top.

Part VI

Was trying to pull it back to what I expected, will mail you the main plot line.
Enchanted Forest: 11/15/2022 15:38:20

Level 58
Enchanted Forest: 11/24/2022 02:26:14

Level 58
anavasi is writing the next. please wait.
Enchanted Forest: 11/26/2022 08:31:30

Level 46
"Alex, I understand your concern. You thought I was dead..." James said.
"And you were, last night!"
"...and you tried to get me somewhere because you wanted to save me from... something. But I'm fine, Alex. I'm right here. It's probably just you."
"It's probably just me... Nothing happened last night." Alex tried to set aside the thoughts that his brother could have died, but he couldn't.
"Anyways, I'm feeling refreshed today. You ready to continue?"
Alex took one look at the smiling James and set aside those thoughts. "I'm ready." (He's probably fine.)
The brothers resumed their journey, with Alex's mind having greatly lightened.

After many hours of traveling, the brothers eventually came across a lake. With their bodies tired and stomachs growling, they decided to take a break.
"Tired, James?" Alex unzipped his bag, trying to find the food inside.
"Quite tired. It's now well past noon, and we still haven't eaten yet."
"Don't worry, James, I have what we need." Alex pulled out a container and took out two ham and cheese sandwiches. "We're saving the rest for later, as this trip might take several days. And just in case, I have food pouches. These won’t last long, so we should probably eat these now."
"Thank you, Alex."
The brothers started eating their sandwiches, and it wasn't too long before they were done drinking from their water bottles.
"Alex, are you ready? We still need to continue along this path. There's still so much we haven't seen!" James started packing up his things.
"I don't feel tired anymore. I think I'm ready to go," said Alex, who was also packing his things.
"Great! Let's go."
With their energy restored, the brothers continued into the forest. Little did they know, someone was watching them.

Part VII of an unknown-length series, I'm not sure how long it will actually be.
Enchanted Forest: 11/26/2022 10:51:21

Level 65
I think Alex isn't going out much if he is literally wondering what's beyond his house
Enchanted Forest: 11/26/2022 11:05:01

Level 46
(That was rather poor writing of me, sorry. I think I was referring to the forest just behind the house? Not sure. Maybe I shall have that fixed in a rewrite.)
Enchanted Forest: 12/13/2022 14:05:13

Level 58
just in case this gets archived
Enchanted Forest: 1/7/2023 14:16:37

Level 46
Unfortunately, due to writer's block (and being busy with schoolwork), this series will be delayed until an unknown date.
Thank you for your understanding. (The next few will all be back to back.)
Enchanted Forest: 2/5/2023 07:26:58

Level 46
...This channel will now no longer be active. Story might continue, but this channel will not.
Enchanted Forest: 2/5/2023 13:20:45

Level 58
I might write more later
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