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Tempest: 8/26/2022 14:36:06

Level 46
It's raining, and the sun is setting.
You're walking home with an umbrella.
You check the sky, hoping it will stop raining soon.
No dice.
"Big bro, how long will it rain?"
"I don't know, Trevor. We can only wait it out."
Lightning strikes a nearby lamppost, breaking the light.
"This is not safe. We need to move."
You rush to your car, Trevor holding your hand, while a furious storm rages on.
You enter the car just as the tree you passed by gets struck by lightning.
"We need to get home now. We're not safe here."
You drive home, a bit anxious.
"Big bro! The storm is coming towards us!"
...oh dear, you might be in a pickle.

(might make another entry if i remember to, these are just random shitposts at this point for when i can't think)
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