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It's annoying: 7/23/2013 15:43:17

Level 54
I started participating in the ladder a few weeks ago and am doing pretty well, all went well until I started playing the higher ranked people and games started to go a little slower than they used to go, didn't really mind about that, but after a while it got worse and people refused to stopped taking more than 1 turn a day, and that's annoying, it prevents me from going fourth in the ladder. And the most horrible thing to do imo is when people start taking more than 2 days for a turn when they have (probably) lost the game, atm nothing has happened in my 3 ladder games for a day and a half (1 is yet to start and the other 2 I have probably won, tough not entirely sure). It would also be more endurable if people said something instead of just sitting there and waiting until around boot-time.
It's annoying: 7/23/2013 15:59:08

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
Some player like math wolf commit each 2d 20h always. And yes delay a losses is bad.
For this i usually ask to play realtime, for prevent delay.
It's annoying: 7/23/2013 16:42:35

Level 59
I think we all hate loss delayers but theres nothing we can do about it
It's annoying: 7/23/2013 17:06:31

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
I used to play everything realtime, but I've gotten much busier and take longer to think about turns. Usually I play after two days to make sure my moves are what I think best. Some of us just like to take our time. This is a game, not our job.
It's annoying: 7/23/2013 17:34:10

Level 60
There is nothing wrong with taking the allotted time IMO, unless the game is decided and you are just stalling. That isn't against the rules, just cheesy.

I take turns daily, but don't play RT in big games because I don't play as well for the most part.
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