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Is someone stealing my WarLight ID?: 8/24/2010 18:58:54

Level 44
Hi everone. I've recently noticed another player with identical Player Name as mine. Moreover, he chose the same dark green color as I did. I've checked his profile and he turned out to be widely known Denominator, General and The Great General Denominator from Biggest Douche Player topic. I joined WarLight 06/21/2010, last TGGD's change of name was 07/29/2010. I've noticed many of his posts in mentioned topic where he was trolling like hell.
Now, when his profile is quiet similar to mine people are going to burden me with a responsibility for his "achievements". So, what I'm supposed to do? Is there any way to prevent it from happening?
And, profile link:

Emperor [the real one]
Is someone stealing my WarLight ID?: 8/24/2010 20:13:31

Level 21
Definately is


Possibly the biggest retard I have come across on the inter-webs.

He should be banned!

Sorry I have a post above this that refers to this ( was written in a mini rage , it has been a stressful day)

No offense towards you intended
Is someone stealing my WarLight ID?: 8/24/2010 22:14:10

The Impaller 
Level 9
You can change your name to avoid association, unless you have a really, really strong tie to that name and must use it.
Is someone stealing my WarLight ID?: 8/25/2010 04:21:10

Level 11
yeah handles are not unique on this site, something that probably should be changed to avoid these sorts of issues. only solution is to change your name, wait for the douchey Emperor to change his, or use a different color and hope people notice that you put your stats up (he doesn't)
Is someone stealing my WarLight ID?: 8/25/2010 20:05:49

Level 16
Randy has said he likes that names aren't unique... I'm thinking maybe an interim solution is to have some sort of warning when 2 players have the same name. Some sort of notation/color or something different on/around the name to show it isn't unique and someone else may be impersonating or what not and make some sort of note on each player's profile. Possibly even a link to the other player's page or something. Something that lets people know it isn't unique, but allows non-unique names and might alert people to the fact so they don't blame A for what B has done under the same name.
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